Trustworthy Air Conditioner Maintenance in Savage, MN

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When you want your AC unit to run efficiently no matter the weather, depend on the specialists at Gopher Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioner maintenance in Savage, MN.

Your AC has to have annual service to keep it running properly during the humidity and to help you stay away from unexpected service calls.

Our heating and cooling experts will take a close look at your system during service. This usually allows us to discover issues before it happens. Frequent service can also help your equipment work more efficiently, helping you save more on cooling expenses.

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3 Advantages of Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioning service is critical for system longevity and your family members’ comfort. Here are three great perks:

1. Trustworthy Comfort

Our work is accomplished with lengthy cooling in mind. With regular service, you can feel certain your air conditioner will keep working throughout the summer.

2. Decreases Emergency Calls

Routine HVAC service typically permits our specialists to spot issues before they start, reducing the odds of a problem.

3. Helps You Save More

A well-preserved system provides more proficient air conditioning and might even last longer.

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Man working on an air conditioning unit
Keeping your AC working smoothly might seem mind-boggling. We make it easy with our annual maintenance.

Our technicians will finish a number of duties during AC service, including:

Examining and Cleaning Interior Parts

We’ll examine at important pieces, like the fan, evaporator coil and refrigerant amounts, to make sure your outdoor unit is running properly.

Lubricating Moving Components

Keeping moving components oiled helps save energy and decreases rubbing. Components that aren’t frequently oiled may need to be mended or replaced more often.

Washing Condensate Drain Line

This tubing helps your unit in flushing excess moisture created during the cooling process. Buildup can lead to clogs and cracks if the line isn’t regularly serviced by a professional.

Confirming Complete Air Conditioning Mechanics

We’ll inspect electrical contacts to make sure your air conditioner is giving trusty, effective cooling. We’ll also make sure your thermostat is set accurately and replace your air filter for optimal indoor air quality.

Get in Touch with Us to Set AC Maintenance Today

When you desire to enhance comfort, capability and trustability, regular service is one of the most important steps you can do for your AC unit.

Our aim at Gopher Heating and Air Conditioning is keeping your cooling working on the muggiest day. We want to make your home a place where you can rest. Get in touch with us to book your maintenance appointment today.

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